Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Another Sunny Day...

a tender moment shared between sisters...

4/14/10 - Dressed the girls up for no reason and took a bunch of pictures. I have never been so happy :)

Easter 2010

Whole family :)
Maria, Lydia & Chad
Jessica & Dave
Pastor Lynn & Bev

4/4/10 - All dressed up for Easter with Dan's familiy :)

The Awkward Sleeper...

3/24/10 - Sometimes Anna would play and play and play... and fall asleep. I didn't have much control over when or where any of the playing or sleeping happened. Sometimes I think she might have been more comfortable if I moved her into her crib, but I didn't ever want to wake her up :)

Sunny Baby Shots

3/11/10 - It was so sunny in the living room and the girls were behaving so well, I couldn't help it :) Love these little girls. (Ella - 2 yr 1 month, Anna 8 months)


Anna & Daddy at the family reunion
Ella & Aunt Jessie at the family reunion
Anna's First Birthday!!! And her first bite of cake :)
a little photo shoot in matching little dresses :)
Playing peek a boo :)

Just to catch up on the past eight months, I thought I would just throw together some random cute little pictures from the past year containing my two favorite little girls :)

Two Blogs Collide!

So I realized that keeping up with one blog is pretty hard and two separate blogs is just near impossible... so I'm merging Anna's into Ella's :) If you visit Anna's blog and notice nothing has been updated, that is not because I'm a bad mother, but I'm just a super busy mother who can only keep up with one blog :) So from now on... or whenever I have a free minute, everything will be updated on here. :)

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Been a long time...

3/7/10 - It's been such a long time since I've updated this blog and I feel awful, but having two little babies really changes things... especially the amount of "free" time that I have :)

I have to organize a few pictures, but I'll be sure to update everything from Christmas to New Years, to Ellie's 2nd birthday. Stay tuned :)